Home Notes February 2020 Book Clippings

February 2020 Book Clippings

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Storyboarding was invented by Disney Studios

What you do is who you are.

If you see something that’s substandard and you ignore it, you create a new standard.

The best rules not only show what you want but what you’re willing to sacrifice to get it.

Encourage bad news. Make everyone bring it to you first and foremost. React positively to it.

Creative Selection

Inspiration: Thinking big ideas and imagining what might be possible Collaboration: Working together well with other people and seeking to combine your complementary strengths Craft: Applying skill to achieve high-quality results and always striving to do better Diligence: Doing the necessary grunt work and never resorting to shortcuts or half measures Decisiveness: Making tough choices and refusing to delay or procrastinate Taste: Developing a refined sense of judgment and finding the balance that produces a pleasing and integrated whole Empathy: Trying to see the world from other people’s perspectives and creating work that fits into their lives and adapts to their needs

Only the Paranoid Survive

Novell was a small company fashioned along the lines of the old computer industry. They built hardware and developed network software to run on their own hardware. They, too, hit hard times. Novell’s then head, Ray Noorda, often tells the story that it wasn’t very hard to figure out what to do. They simply didn’t have enough money to continue to pay their suppliers, so they abandoned their hardware business and concentrated on software where they didn’t need to worry about supplier bills. Then they moved their software onto inexpensive standard PCs. By moving quickly into a new way of doing business, Novell became a “first mover” in networking in the new horizontal industry and became a billion-dollar software company by the end of the decade.

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